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We offer a variety of services including Transportation, Analysis Audit, International and Distribution Services.

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We help reduce shipping cost, improve operational effeciency, achieve cost transperancy and monitoring shipping information.

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Since 1985, FDSI Logistics has collaborated with businesses of all sizes and across many different industries, including healthcare and hospitality, working as a third party logistics partner. We provide personalized services and build long-term relationships that help position our partners for long-term success.

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Facing the unthinkable

It’s every healthcare manufacturer’s nightmare: customer orders are lost because no product is available. Even worse, patients won’t receive the care they need on time. So manufacturers do everything possible to base demand planning on actual utilization, fill the pipeline with enough products and rely on logistics professionals to ensure they arrive at the shipping destination intact and on time.

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FDSI Logistics will provide you with a quote for parcel, LTL, TL or ocean container shipments. Let us know what you are shipping and we’ll get you a quote!

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